“When someone in the family has a hearing loss, the entire family has a hearing problem

Clearerhearing is a family owned independent hearing health care company. Our fully qualified and registered hearing aid audiologists are able to give you best advice for your individual loss and budget.

We work out of our two fully equipped, dedicated hearing centres in St. Ives and Wisbech. We also provide domiciliary visits on request, and hold appointments at The Wells Community Hospital and The Hunstanton Medical Centre.

We can offer a full range of digital hearing aids from the most advanced ‘bluetooth’ and ‘Iphone’ compatible products down to our budget range. We are able to dispense many different styles including ‘behind the ear’ to ‘completely in the canal’ matching your hearing aid to your lifestyle.

All hearing aids are sold with a exceptional full aftercare service, including as many adjustments as needed, full cleaning and repair service. All accessories are available to purchase for either of our clinics and we offer excellent discounted rates on batteries.


Alongside Ear Irrigation we are delighted to be able to now offer MICROSUCTION as a new safer form of Wax Removal. Previously this was only available within a hospital enviroment, but is now available privately in both our clinics.

Microsuction is a extremely safe and effective way of removing wax, as the procedure dose not involve liquid it is suitable for everyone, even if you have previously has a perforated eardrum.

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“We make a difference through a positive outcome”

We provide hearing services, products and solutions for individuals, companies and corporations. We provide products to protect and enhance our customers hearing. Specializing in “state of the art” hearing aids for hearing impaired people, allowing them to get the most from the hearing that they have left.

“Quite simply – we want to be the best in the eyes of our customers, suppliers and employees”

We want to create real value for our customers by being the 1st choice for the provision of private hearing care in our region. Through a unique and unmatched “customer experience” in a safe and ethical environment. We ant to stand above the competition, and provide our customers with exceptional services, quality products and unparalleled support. We will strive to “under” promise and “over” deliver to the unique needs and reasonable expectations of each individual.