Get prepared for Christmas

Are you looking forward to a quiet Christmas again? Do you miss out on the sounds of your grandchildren playing, or struggle to hear carols on the radio?

Don’t suffer in silence this year. Most people wouldn’t think twice about having their eyes tested regularly, but fail to get their hearing regularly checked.

Arrange a visit to reliable local business Clearer Hearing, in St Ives, and you could discover a whole world of long-lost sounds.

The business is run by husband and wife team Steve and Jackie Mantle. Steve has been working as a hearing aid audiologist for 17 years, initially working for a number of large companies, before deciding to combine his audiology skills with Jackie’s customer service and setting up their own practice in 2002. This was firstly in Fenstanton and moved to St Ives in the summer.

There are now Clearer Hearing practices in Norwich, Wisbech and St Ives, so the totally independent company covers the whole of East Anglia.

The company doesn’t only offer hearing aids, it also specialises in ear wax removal, noise protection (ideal for musicians or motorbike owners) and hearing aid repairs – in short, anything to do with ears.

Clearer Hearing welcomes walk-in clients, who will first have their hearing tested, before – if a hearing aid is necessary – deciding which style would most suit their lifestyle and budget. These can be fitted in store and come with a two-year guarantee.

Jackie says: “People think of hearing aids as enormous, beige things, but there are all sorts of varieties; they are all prescription-built, like glasses. One in seven people has hearing loss but will never do anything about it.”

She explains: “A common complaint is ‘my family mumble’ or ‘I can’t hear the TV’ and we have a lot of people who struggle with background noise. All of these are easily remedied.”

Home visits are available on request.

Visit Clearer Hearing at 9 Crown Street, St Ives. For more information call (01480) 300955 or visit

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